<Fujikyu Highland> The Comparison of access, fare, and time by the Shinkansen, airplane, train, and car

Last update: January 28, 2021

*The article was released on May 28, 2021. The latest information may vary.

"There are various ways to get to Fuji-Q Highland, such as by highway bus, airplane, Shinkansen (bullet train), or car. However, some of transportation may not be available depending on the area.
Therefore, this article introduces how to access, transportation costs, travel times, and accessibility. Please refer to the article when planning a trip to Fuji-Q Highland."

How to go to Fujikyu Highland from Fujikyu Highland Station

The nearest station is "Fujikyu Highland Station" on the Fujikyuko Line. When you get off the station, the entrance and ticket office is right in front of you. Even it is the first time to go to Fuji-Q Highland by train, you will not get lost. Highway buses also arriveat the bus station adjacent to Fujikyu Highland Station, you can go to the park entrance without getting lost.

How to go to Fujikyu Highland from neighboring areas

This section introduces how to get to Fuji-Q Highland from neighboring area. You can choose train, highway bus, or car, but please note that there may not be a direct highway bus service in some areas.


Departure area Fare Time Accessibility
Shinjuku From 2,060 yen About 2 hours
Omiya From 2,620 yen About 2.5 hours
Yokohama From 2,500 yen About 2.5 hours
Chiba From 2,880 yen About 3 hours
Mito From 4,370 yen About 4 hours
Takasaki From 3,740 yen About 3 hours
Kofu From 1,540 yen About 1 hours 20 min

There are multiple routes from Shinjuku and Omiya, Yokohama to Fuji-Q Highland. Yokohama to Fuji-Q Highland. Whichever you choose, it will cost about the same price and time. Choose a method that has few transfers according to the time of departure.

There are also multiple routes from Chiba, Takasaki, Mito and Fuji-Q Highland. However, the fare and time vary greatly depending on the route. Consider whether you want to save time or money before arranging your ticket. In any case, if you depart from other than Kofu, it will take more than 2 hours to arrive at the park. Trains are not recommended.

Highway bus

Departure area Fare Time Accessibility
Shinjuku From 2,000 yen About 1 hour 40 min
Omiya From 2,600 yen About 2 hours 30 min
Yokohama From 2,200 yen About 1 hour 45 min
Chiba (Nishi-Funabashi Station) From 2,500 yen About 2 hours 30 min
Takasaki - - -
Mito - - -
Kofu From 1,570 yen About 1 hour 20 min

Highway buses departing from Shinjuku and Yokohama are recommended because there are many operations. You can save money and time compared to taking the train. There are other buses in Tokyo from nearby terminal stations such as Akihabara and Ikebukuro. Choose a bus that is convenient for you.

Although the stations are limited from Chiba, there are direct buses to Fuji-Q Highland. It is difficult to access from Takasaki and Mito by bus only. However depending on the season, there are package tours with a free pass for Fuji-Q Highland. Please check the bus company's website frequently. When departing from Omiya and Kofu, there is not much difference in time and fare between taking buses and taking trains. Highway buses are recommended since there are no transfers.


Departure area Fare Time Accessibility
Shinjuku About 3,3390 yen 1 hour 20 min
Omiya About 4,330 yen 1 hour 50 min
Yokohama About 3,440 yen 1 hour 35 min
Chiba About 4,940 yen 2 hours 5 min
Takasaki About 4,850 yen 2 hours 5 min
Mito About 6,880 yen 3 hours
Kofu From 0 yen 1 hour

* Express way fee for private cars (no ETC discount)

From Shinjuku, Omiya and Yokohama, it may be faster to drive than to go by bus or train. However, it costs an express way fee, so it is recommended when going to Fuji-Q Highland with a large number of people.

On the other hand,from Chiba, Takasaki or Mito, you can not save much time or money if you go by car compared to by bus or train. Please choose the means of transportation in consideration of the congestion of the road and the number of people. From Kofu, you can go to Fuji-Q Highland without using an expressway, which will save a lot of traveling time. If you have a private car, drinving is recommended.

How to go to Fujikyu Highland from distant areas

To access Fuji-Q Highland from a distant area, you will need to go by plane, bullet train, or highway bus. Although it is possible to drive to the park, it is not recommended since it takes too much time.


Departure area Fare Time Accessibility
New Chitose Airport From 25,000 yen From 4 hours 30 min
Fukuoka Airport From 28,000 yen From 5 hours

Those who live in Hokkaido and Kyushu will probably take a airplane to get to Fujikyu Highland. Since there are no airports around Fujikyu Highland, you have to take a train or bus to the park after arriving at Haneda Airport or Narita Airport. Even if you leave early in the morning, you can only arrive at Fujikyu Highland in the afternoon. Please make a schedule for staying at least one night.

Flight fares are expensive, but you may be able to buy tickets at 70-80% off the list price if you book early. If you decide to go to FujikyuHighland, schedule it as soon as possible and reserve a round-trip ticket.

Shinkanse (Bullet train)

Departure area Fare Time Accessibility
Shinkanse (Bullet train) About 14,000 yen About 4 hours
Osaka About 14,000 yen About 5 hours
Nagoya About 9,000 yen About 3.5 hours
Hiroshima About 20,000 yen About 6.5 hours
Hakata About 24,000 yen About 7.5 hours

If you are going to Fujikyu Highland by Shinkansen, you will need to get off at Shin-Fuji Station and change buses or trains to access it. Day trips are possible, but it is not realistic because stayin time in the park will be very short. In addition, there are few bullet trains that stop at Shin-Fuji Station, and there is a lot of waiting time when changing trains.

However, you can take a bullet train from Nagoya at a relatively low price. It is also recommended for weekend trips.From other distant areas,change trains many times is required. Transportation costs will be expensive too. Make a detailed plan on the assumption that you will stay overnight.

Highway bus / Night bus

Departure area Fare Time Accessibility
Sendai - - -
Osaka From 4,500 yen 4 hours 13 min
Hiroshima - - -
Hakata - - -

The closest station to Fujikyu Highland is only Fujikyu Highland Station on the Fujikyu Line. It is not accessible from terminal stations and airports. Highway buses are very reccommended when going to a non-accessible place. You can go directly to Fujikyu Highland by bus, which saves you the trouble and time of changing trains.

There are many highway bus services from Osaka and Nagoya. Although it takes time, you can save traveling costs. During busy season such as Golden week holidays and spring holidays, highway bus services from areas other than Osaka and Nagoya are offered as limited-time tours.

Go to Fujikyu Highland by highway bus

Choose the best way considering cost, time, and accessibility

If you want to go to Fujikyu Highland with cheap transportation, highway buses and night buses are recommended. Since there are no airports or terminal stations around Fujikyu Highland, you have to change trains many times if you take a plane or train. However, you can go to Fujikyu Highland directly by highway bus.

Because WILLER offers plans that include a round-trip bus and a free pass of Fujikyu Highlan, you can plan a convenient trip at a reasonable price. Depending on the departure places, there are plans to arrive before the park opens. You can enjoy the variety of attractions of Fuji-Q Highland.

For those who want to enjoy for a longer time, there are also plans with a hotel stay. It's good to stay at Fujikyu Highland for two days, but it's also recommended to go to nearby hot springs, sightseeing spots, and outlet shopping malls.

Go to Fujikyu Highalnd by WILLER EXPRESS