Trial boarding of Tango KURO-MATSU train new courses

April 14, 2020

The popular sightseeing train 'Kyoto Tango Railway' where you can enjoy the beautiful nature of Tango area and delicious local food at one time. This time, one of WILLER staff, who love to eat, took part in trials of the 'Authentic sweets course' and 'Tango local bar food course', two of the new courses that will start in April 2020, so I'll introduce you to what's going on inside the car and the cuisine.

The beautiful retro carriages designed by Eiji Mitooka, who is active in various genres of design, including architecture, railway rolling stock and graphics, stand out at Nishi-Maizuru Station, the starting point of this trip. There are three types of sightseeing trains of Kyoto Tango Railway, 'Tango KURO-MATSU', 'Tango AKA-MATSU', and 'Tango AO-MATSU'. This time I boarded 'Tango KURO-MATSU', where you can enjoy a delicious meal.

Course#1 Authentic sweets course

At 15:30, just as the sun in early spring began to head to the west slightly, the train departs from Nishi-Maizuru station. After a little while, at the station on the way, the staff waved me off! Don't be shy and give them a wave from inside the car, too.

Enjoy the taste of famous patisseries in Maizuru - The supreme sweets time

Eating delicious sweets while enjoying the retro atmosphere of the train... How else can you have such a wonderful time? All of the sweets are made by Maizuru's leading patisseries, and the course is a blissful experience that will makes sweets lovers impressed.

Beautiful scenery from the train window

It's hard to imagine a more exciting moment for a train-loving traveler. After leaving Nishi-Maizuru station, the KURO-MATSU continued on the Yuragawa river bridge. The KURO-MATSU crosses Yuragawa river slowly. The river is just below the bridge, as if it were within reach. It's like watching a scene from a adventure movie.

After crossing the Yuragawa river bridge for a while, the train stopped at the Nagu Coast for about two minutes. It was raining until the train left Nishi-Maizuru station, but just as we reached Nabu Coast, the sun came out a little and a beautiful rainbow was hanging between the sky and the sea. The trip was about an hour long with beautiful scenery and melt-in-your-mouth sweets.


・Mille-feuille Noir (black mille-feuille)
A luxurious three-layer mille-feuille with rum, cointreau, and crème de fraise (strawberry liquor). Bitter sweet pie made of black cocoa.
The fragrant sweet soaked in brioche with plenty of granny and fresh orange syrup.
・Drink Tantetsu Coffee
The flavor varies dependin on the train.


Nishimaizuru Station (Dept. at 15:30) ー Slow down at Yuragawa river bridge ー Stop at Nagu Coast (Around 2 mins) - Arr. at Amanohashidate Station (Arr. at 16:32 )

Authentic sweets course

Course#2 Tango local bar food course

Recently, more and more tourists from overseas have come to love sake. For those who love sake, we recommend this course. This is the 'Tango local bar food course' where you can enjoy delicious dishes made with local seafood and sake while chatting on the train.

The small sushi in the foreground is 'Temari Sushi', a Kyoto specialty. We use three kinds of seasonal local fish and 100% Tango Koshihikari. Temari Sushi is a bite-sized version of Sushi that is just the right size to eat while drinking sake. The fish of the day were sea bass, spanish mackerel and horse mackerel.

Delicious local sake as much as you can drink!

This course includes three types of local sake or Amanohashidate white wine as much as you can drink. The contents of the three types of Tango's local sake vary from day to day, and on this day there were these three sake bottles: 'Inemankai', 'Junmai Kasaichiyo' and 'Daiginjo Yoshinoyama'. Enjoy the sake that represents Tango region as much as you want.
*Sake menu is subject to change without notice due to seasonal changes.

The course ends with sweets for adults

After the meal, we were given a set of pound cakes as a gift! This pound cakes are from Ameiro Bistro Arle, who also supplied the sweets course. They are for adults with a little alcohol in it.

Get the KURO-MATSU stamp as a souvenir!

At the end of the course, you will receive a memorial ticket with a boarding date. It's a great way to remember your trip.


Temari Sushi
A bite-sized Sushi using three types of seasonal fishes and Tango Koshihikari rice.
*Temari Sushi may not be served depending on the sea and fishing conditions.
Simmered Black mussel with soy sauce
Carefully prepared large mussels that grew up in Kurita Bay, where can be seen from the Tango KURO-MATSU, and use the Ono Jin Soy Sauce from Kyotango City Mineyama Town and Japanese pepper as an accent.
Egg dish
Enjoy the unique egg dish that combines fresh eggs and the best broth from Ine Town's 'Sanno Poultry Farm'.
Side dish
Our original pickles and tsukudani (food boiled in soy sauce) using seasonal local ingredients.
3 kinds of local Sake or Amanohashidate white wine
Local sake and wine that can only be tasted here. Please choose your favorite one.
*The type of local sake varies depending on the day.


Nishimaizuru Station (Dept. at 15:30) ー Slow down at Yuragawa river bridge ー Stop at Nagu Coast (Around 2 mins) - Arr. at Amanohashidate Station (Arr. at 16:32 )

Tango local bar food course