My trip to Ghibli Museum! – Finally, I got there!

November 16, 2018

I really love Ghibli films since I was a little kid. But I couldn’t get Ghibli museum admission ticket every time I came to Japan.

This time, I joined WILLER’s tour and finally visited Ghibli Museum!


The best point of this short tour is that you don’t have to book a ticket by yourself in advance.

Booking this ticket is sooo bothering. The tickets start to sell on the 10th of every month. You have to book a ticket at Lawson and need to receive it in Japan within 3 days or pay by credit card. Tickets are sold out as soon as they are started to sell. Usually, all the tickets are taken in 1 day. This year, my friend and I tried to book a ticket but both of us failed.

Then, we found this short tour. This tour guarantees your admission ticket. Yes, it is a bit expensive but soooo easy. You don’t need to wait that Lawson starts to sell tickets in front of your PC.

On the day, I arrived at Kichijoji Station around 9:40. Approximately 40 people were there, and most of them are from overseas. Some of them seem Japanese. We departed together and headed to Inokashira Park.

Inokashira park
Inokashira park

Inokashira Park is said to be the first suburban park with 100-year history.

I noticed the atmosphere changed once I walked into the park through the department store from Kichijoji Station. I felt like I came into the forest without noticing.

The park was very large with some historical such as stone monuments and statues. Actually, they were not much big. Our tour guide explained each history, so we learned what we didn’t know.

After going through the park, finally we arrived at the Ghibli Museum.

Finally we arrived at the Ghibli Museum

Sooooo Kawaii! The museum is as if it came out of Ghibli films. Totoro welcomed us sitting at the reception!

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take photos inside the museum. So, I cannot post any photos of inside here.

Anyway, you can see the short movie by Ghibli studio, lots of films’ elaborated materials, and their history. Also, only kids can get on Catbus!

Ghibli museum
Ghibli museum
Ghibli museum

Taking photos of its appearance is allowed. On the rooftop, you can take a photo with Laputa glyphs and robot soldiers from Castle in the sky. Jiji, the black cat from Kiki’s delivery and Porco rosso are here too. You feel as if you come into the fairy tale.

Everyone from little kids to adults who love Ghibli should go together!

You feel as if you come into the fairy tale!